Testimonials from Dr. Fisher’s patients


Dear Dr. Fisher, I am so happy with work you did on my face yesterday. I look in the mirror and I don’t cringe! I didn't expect to see much of a difference, in fact I was afraid that I might not like what I look like with filler. I just look fresher, less tired and still like me … just a better version! I need much less makeup! You are a star and I am a total fan.

—Business Woman, age 45, filler for dark circles and bags under eyes

I began seeing Dr. Fisher about 2 ½ years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I'd had laser treatments at one of the better known cosmetic surgeon’s and my skin had become very “pebbly”. I had a number of whiteheads that would not come out with normal facials. Also the lasering had not really gotten rid of the red spots on my face. I was very discouraged given the high cost of the treatments and was hoping I could see some improvement in the condition of my skin.

On my first appointment Dr. Fisher suggested a series of peels starting with the lactic acid and moving to stronger peels over time. After about three peels, Dr. Fisher was able to extract the whiteheads and get rid of most of my pimples. My skin felt wonderful for the first time in years!

I am approaching 50 and my skin is healthier and more beautiful now than 20-30 years ago. When I started the treatments the esthetician used to comment on how challenging my skin was to treat given all the whiteheads and blackheads and now I hear that I’ve become a routine case!

Dr. Fisher is very honest in her assessment of what results she can achieve for clients. She stays at the forefront in terms of new products/methods. Her skin care line is excellent and great value for the money.

—Investment Management Executive, age 48

I had a very visible red mark on my right cheek that Dr. Fisher treated with Laser. It has vanished! She also successfully removed a pre-cancerous lesion without scarring. As always, her manner puts you at ease and the office is incredibly friendly.

—Education Consultant, age 43

Thorough, honest, respectful and reliable. That's Dr. Fisher. She was not my first stop for Botox, but she is my last. She takes time in her examination and her attention to detail, facial contour and one's facial structure is like no other doctor that I have been to. She is a gift to all her patients.

—Antique Dealer, age 40

I have been plagued throughout life by a perpetually sweaty (I should say running) right armpit. Not only was it embarrassing and annoying but it also destroyed countless pieces of expensive clothing.

Dr. Fisher treated my hyperhydrosis condition in two sessions. My right armpit no longer flows or drips and I have total confidence and peace of mind in stressful situations. My wife gave me a new cashmere sweater to celebrate my sweat-free status and I still have a black, unstained sweater to prove it. I thank Dr. Fisher profusely for turning a bad situation to good with virtually no sweat.

—Financial Advisor, age 47

Dr Fisher's conservative and sensible approach to improving skin suited me perfectly. We began with a series of peels gradually increasing in intensity. Cumulative effect on the texture, tone and colour of my face were astonishing. These procedures were coupled with several sessions of Botox injections. These made the most dramatic visible difference. The furrow between my eyebrows, which was deep and multi-lined, faded. The crows' feet blended and my forehead became smooth. I was the same only better... exactly what I wanted. Many people commented on how well I looked but no one guessed what I had done. Perfect!

—Client, age 52

I've been struggling with acne prone skin since the beginning of high school. It was only when I began having regular facial peels with Dr. Fisher in the past year that my skin has improved tenfold. Now as a 23 year old law student, my skin is well on its way back to when I was 15! Not only has my skin cleaned up but I no longer have to spend hours applying makeup and coverup to conceal the imperfections.

Over the years I tried every potion possible and will attest that the only permanent improvement has been with the peels. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to highly improve their skin and self-esteem.

—Law Student, age 23

My first Botox treatment was in New York City. The treatment took approximately 20 minutes. By the time I came back (in two months), the wrinkles on my forehead were reappearing.

I came to see Dr. Fisher... she is amazing. The Botox treatment lasts 5-6 months. She is thorough and caring. Her primary concern is a medical history. I have also had Restylane in my creases around my mouth. What an amazing result! My creases disappeared! My self esteem has increased dramatically. I feel good about myself.

—Real Estate Appraiser, age 44

I have been participating in a "peel programme" with Dr. Fisher ... with resounding success. I have also introduced peels to all my kids with very positive results, in particular in dealing with their acne. People are always very complimentary re: how "great" my skin looks, many friends and associates are very surprised to hear my real age.

I have had two Restylane treatments and been most pleased. The process has lasted much longer than we thought. I also appreciate the comfort factor of a Doctor performing this procedure. It's wonderful to have someone credible like Dr. Fisher who is so dedicated and passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and making a difference in their lives.

—Client, age 50

My skin was very tired looking and very wrinkled. My doctor injected Restylane in my upper lip, and in the fine lines above my upper lip. She reconstructed the shape of my lips from looking like I was in a permanent frown to a permanent smile. After the injections, people kept telling me how relaxed I looked, how much younger and youthful I appeared. My face looked very natural.

Dr. Fisher prepared me for the fact that I may need more injections three months later, but now it is December (eight months later) and my face still looks as great as when I originally had the procedure. I would highly endorse both this product and my physician to anybody who wants a boost in their self esteem, or just in their well being. I am truly impressed.

—Client, age 50

Can’t remember exactly when I began—at least 10 years ago, I believe, for peels. I am still enjoying peels, but have added laser, Botox, and various fillers to my treatments. I have never felt better or felt that I look better. Each treatment has benefited different facts of my aging process.

Dr. Fisher’s staff is professional and welcoming and Dr. Fisher herself is not only that, but an artist as well. She never overdoes any procedure so that it is always natural looking.

My skin tone is much more even and bright. The sagging and lines are considerably reduced and my face looks naturally tighter and feels smooth and wonderful. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Fisher’s treatment to anyone. It’s a joy to feel this good about how you look.

—Executive, age 64

I began seeing Dr. Fisher a few years ago for cosmetic peels that reaped great results, and then had laser treatments for removal of brown spots, skin tags, and spider veins. My skin is getting better and better, thanks to Dr. Fisher’s miracle treatments and her skin care line.

—BSW, M. Ed, age 54

I have been coming to Dr. Fishers for Botox and Restylane treatments for two years. I have great confidence in Dr. Fisher’s skills, I have always been very pleased with the natural looking results and the office has a very friendly atmosphere. I feel these treatments have given me a boost in confidence as I now look how I feel, which is happy and relaxed. I would definitely recommend both of these procedures without any hesitation.

—RN, age 51

Years ago my niece recommended coming to see Dr. Fisher for chemical peels.I wanted to look as well as possible without surgical procedures. I like the fact that Dr. Fisher is a G.P and has experience in burn issues. She is a very confident, interested person. I feel she knows exactly what she is doing and is current in this field. I look forward to my monthly treatments and get lots of compliments on my skin. I look forward to applying lipstick now that I have had Botox. I have recommended Dr. Fisher to my daughters-in-law and friends. She is a pro.

—Client, age 64

I have suffered from Rosacea for several years. It caused me great distress because of its disfiguring effect. I have fine skin so anything shows. I was getting to the point I did not want to go out and meet people. After my first laser treatment, I was truly amazed. The worst of the spider veins were eliminated and the overall appearance was greatly improved. It was virtually painless, just a little zapping and the effect on my self esteem and confidence was dramatic. I was stunned by how effective such a simple procedure could be.

—Education Consultant, age 41

In doing internet research for Botox treatments, I was drawn to Dr. Fisher because she was so often noted for her low pressure, high attention approach.

The process of coming here for treatments has been fantastic. No intimidation factor and a great deal of personal concern. She also does incredible work. The Botox treatments have been amazing for both my headaches and my wrinkles! I would highly recommend Dr. Fisher, her staff is also wonderful. The experience has been very positive.

—Film Director, age 52

I felt absolute confidence in Dr. Fisher and had no compulsion whatsoever in allowing her to use a “mysterious” laser contraption on my face. I am thrilled with the results. All my red blotches have totally disappeared. And the immediate results were obvious.

—Advertising Executive, age 65

I came to see Dr. Fisher last year for a persistent acne problem. I had been to countless doctors, tried alternative medicines, and bought every potion on the market. Each treatment would inevitably fail and for more than 20 years, my days have always included what felt like hours of concealing the never ending breakouts.

Under Dr. Fisher’s care my skin has improved dramatically. It has never looked so good for so long. Her thoughtful, measured and caring approach has complemented an obviously huge breadth of knowledge and determination to find a solution. She treats her patients with a genuine respect and compassion, and has, on more than one occasion, squeezed me in for a last minute, emergency appointment when I needed it.

I feel extremely fortunate to be under Dr. Fisher’s superb care. I have never had such a beautiful skin, and it is entirely due to the expertise of her and her staff.

—Client, age 37

Referred by a friend; received Botox, peels and Restylane.

She's professional. Gives me very personalized attention. Doesn’t try to “sell me” services and products. Instills confidence

I am delighted with the results my skin feels fresh and healthy. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Fisher and have. Why? Results speak for themselves.

—Management Consulting Partner, age 51

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